A cookie is a small data file that is transferred from a website to your computer, to make the site easier to use in a number of ways: it may store details that you submit on the site, such as your personal settings, your location, or what you have in a shopping cart etc, so you don’t need to enter information more than once.

Using cookies does not allow us to identify users personally.

The Homes for London website uses a small number of cookies to give us a better overall picture of how people interact with the site, and how we can improve our services to our users.

Below are details of the cookies we use, and their purpose.

Website analysis

Homes for London uses cookies to track how people use the site, so we can gain a better understanding of our visitors’ needs and identify areas where we can make improvements.

The information we gather through this process is completely anonymous, and visitors to the site cannot be identified.

The cookies set for this purpose are:

  • 4 Google analytics cookies
  • 1 Crazy egg cookie
  • 3 Expression engine cookies.

Storing information during your visit

At certain points when you’re on the Homes for London website you may submit information that you want the site to remember during your visit. For example, when you input your email address and this is passed through to another page.

We use Blue State Digital cookies for this purpose:

  • 2 php session cookies
  • 1 Spud cookie
  • X-CheckNode

These are served twice:

  • once for the domain shelteruk.bluestatedigital
  • once for

Sharing tools and social media site cookies

We have used sharing tools on this site to enable you to share information and actions with others on your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

When you do this, the site will set a cookie. Homes for London does not control this functionality, and you should check the site of the relevant third party for information on their cookie policy.

Controlling and deleting cookies on your computer

All browsers allow you to manage which cookies you accept, reject and delete. You can usually find these controls under the ‘Preferences’ or ‘Tools’ menu. You can find more detail about individual browser settings at

If you choose not to accept cookies from the Homes for London website, some sections will not work properly (eg send an email).